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1964 Ford Thunderbolt – The Holy Grail of Muscle Cars

In 1963 the Ford Motor Company created a lighter fat Galaxie coupe to compete inside the factory experimental plus super stock class races. The firm really dropped the huge 427 beneath the bonnet. Even with all which energy the Galaxie couldn’t maintain with all the small Plymouths plus Dodges. So, for 1964, Ford placed the 427 into the midsized Fairlane plus created the Thunderbolt. The Thunderbolt was both race willing with a some modifications and street legal.

Few persons have ever driven the 1964 Ford Thunderbolt or laid eyes about it for which matter. It was just yielded for 1 year plus no more. Modifications were performed to the front inside purchase to custom fit the big block 427. The manifold was elevated along with a a rip drop shaped bonnet bubble was put into enable the machine to breathe. The 1964 Ford Thunderbolt utilized the Hurst Shifter with a 4 speed transmission. It additionally came with an automatic transmission when desired.

The 500hp Thunderbolts were provided to race vehicle experts that instantly place those to employ destroying the competition inside races about the nation inside 1964. The initially eleven Thunderbolts were painted burgundy whilst the upcoming 100 or thus were painted Wimbledon white. They were produced to race inside super stock plus stock drag competitive races. At the same time Ford was creating the lighter fat Galaxies for the racing circuit too. In 1964, Ford dominated the stock automobile racing circuit with all the 2 vehicles. But, inside 1965 the NHRA mandated which auto machines make 500 vehicles of the certain vehicle inside purchase to qualify for the stock car races. Ford halted creation of both the Galaxie as well as the 1964 Ford Thunderbolt.

Choosing a 1964 Ford Thunderbolt is a lot like searching for the Holy Grail to certain fans of stock vehicle racing. A few have surfaced plus been available at auction for hundreds of thousands of $. But, for a extended time, the Thunderbolt didn’t receive the recognition plus regard which additional GM muscle cars received. This has started to change inside latest years leading the high sale costs. The 1964 Galaxie lightweights are pretty uncommon, indeed. Fewer than 50 of these vehicles were ever integrated 1963. 100 1964 Ford Thunderbolts were yielded inside the factory. Fewer nevertheless survive. In 2009, 1 thunderbolt available for over 200,000 $.

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